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Got a really large bill?

Saving you money is our goal. Our trained and experienced Billing Advocates have the skills and the knowledge to read your medical bills, EOBs and other documents, examining them line by line for errors and inconsistencies. We make sure your medical bills are in compliance with Federal and State billing guidelines, Local Medicare Review Policies (LMRP) and Correct Coding Initiative (CCI) edits.

Medical Bill Detectives is a subsidiary of Medical Bill Consultants, LLC

Need Advice? Talk to an expert!

Not sure if you have a problem? Need help understanding the paperwork? Worried about the cost of our full audit? We understand many people simply can't afford our full audit services. Others may only need some help in understanding how to advocate for themselves. That is why we have a professional claims auditor only a phone call away, so you can explain your unique situation and figure out where to go from here. We teach you how to navigate through the confusing and hardnosed world of medical billing and health insurance.

Specifically how we help you.

•   Analyze your bills for errors and overcharges

•   Secure maximum payment from your insurance company

•  Make sure your medical facility has applied all payments and adjustments properly to your account

•  Monitor your paperwork to ensure you are correctly billed and reimbursed

Advise you on what is your responsibility to pay

•   Guide you through the maze of American healthcare


From customer...

To anyone who has or might incur a large hospital bill:

A couple of years ago my son was diagnosed with Colon cancer and needed an operation immediately. We were in Hawaii at the time where my son lives, and he was told by his doctor that if he wanted to live he needed to get to a top notch hospital back on the mainland.  There was a gross misunderstanding concerning his health insurance and we were told we would have to pay $ 75,000.00 up front in order for him to be admitted. Feeling desperate to save his life, we agreed to do so. When we arrived at the hospital the admittance clerk was sympathetic to our plight and after consulting with her bosses she allowed him to be admitted with an upfront payment of only 10% of that figure. Before he left the hospital however, we had paid out a total of slightly over $ 70,000.00 and subsequently received accumulated bills of $ 79,000.00 more. The bills were very confusing and we couldn’t make head nor tails out of them. In other words we had no clue if they were legitimate or not. Having read an article in O magazine about a company in Wilton CT called “Medical Bill Consultants” that would help determine if and what you actually owed to a hospital, I called Beth Morgan and retained her services. After approximately a year and a half of Beth and her team of medical detectives reduced this bill.  They examined the bills, faxing their findings back and forth to the hospital, making numerous phone calls and sending tons of e-mails, they determined, by using comparable and customary charges in the industry, that a large portion of the bills were overcharges and errors. However, this particular hospital, not being subject to certain government regulations proved to be very difficult to deal with, and were it not for the persistence of Beth and her team, we probably would not have succeeded in getting them to lessen the bill much, if at all. As it turned out they did ultimately cut the bill by approximately 43%. This was of course a great relief to us and we will be forever grateful to them. In closing, I would simply suggest that anyone facing a similar situation of high, and confusing hospital bills, would be wise to employ the services of this firm.  RLS