About Us

Our Services:

 •   Identify and correct medical billing errors

•   Recognize abusive billing practices

•   Organize your medical paperwork, tracking payments and

    multiple provider accounts

•   File appeals

•   Evaluate your plan for coverage limitations

•   Maximize your plan's benefits

•   Guide you through the maze of American health insurance

•   Advocate for your interests with your insurer or your providers

How We Help You

Saving you money is our goal. Our trained and experienced Billing Advocates have the skills and the knowledge to read your medical bills, EOBs and other documents, examining them line by line for errors and inconsistencies. We make sure your medical bills are in compliance with Federal and State billing guidelines, Local Medicare Review Policies (LMRP) and Correct Coding Initiative (CCI) edits.


If deposit is accepted by Medical Bill Detectives and we cannot find errors which meet or exceed your deposit, it is simply refunded less cost to obtain your medical bills/records; with no exceptions. 

If there are errors, your deposit will be applied towards our fee. Therefore, your risk is equal to zero but your upside is substantial. Learn More.

*Backlogs of medical bills and account monitoring may be charged differently. Our services are only available within the United States for medical care within the United States.


Our Mission
Medical Bill Detectives was founded to assist anyone with medical bills. A Harvard study stated that medical and hospital bills contain high error rates. That's why we're here. Our goals:

•   Spot and correct medical billing errors

•   Encourage and promote fair billing and compliance practices

•   Support medical bill advocacy initiatives